Delaware Senate Bill 90


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for Source of Income Protection: SB 90


The Delaware Fair Housing Act (Section 4601, Title 6 of the Delaware Code) prohibits discrimination on the basis of source of income.

However, the same act, allows landlords to discriminate against renters that participate in any sort of "government-sponsored rental assistance program."


Senate Bill 90 removes the exemption to protect renters from discrimination.

  • This bill is about discrimination.
  • It is not a bill that takes away any rights from landlords.
  • It is not a bill that guarantees housing to tenants.
  • This is not a bill about how rental programs, like Section 8 programs, operate.
  • It is a bill that would simply prohibit landlords from stating "no Section 8" when they advertise their rental unit or refusing to rent to individuals or families that are utilizing rental assistance.

Under Senate Bill 90, Landlords would not be able to discriminate against a potential renter based on how the renter is planning to pay rent.




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