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Brain Injury Committee

The Brain Injury Committee's mission is to improve the lives of Delawareans with brain injury and their families by providing the following:

  1. a forum for the sharing and analysis of information
  2. a network to identify and facilitate acquisition of enhanced resources
  3. a technical assistance provider to educate public and private policymakers
  4. an advocacy agency to promote a consumer-oriented, effective injury and prevention service delivery system.

Since July 2013, the General Assembly has allocated funding to the State Council for Persons with Disabilities (SCPD) to administer a Brain Injury Fund. Eligibility for funding assistance is limited to legal Delaware residents with a qualifying, medically documented brain injury who would benefit from covered services which otherwise would not be readily available to residents through the Department of Health & Social Services (DHSS) or other state agencies.

Covered services may include home modifications, environmental modifications, driver rehabilitation, service dog acquisition and support, assistive technology, attendant services not covered under other funding sources, and such other services including, but not limited to brain injury medically necessary eyeglasses, medically approved summer day camps approved by SCPD. Services not covered include, but are not limited to, available services provided through the Department of Health & Social Services, the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, or any other state agencies as the Brain Injury Fund is a "Payer of Last Resort."

In order for the State Council for Persons with Disabilities and the Brain Injury Committee to determine eligibility, applicants or their legal representative must fully complete the application and attach supporting medical documentation mentioned below along with copies of denial of service letters from other funding sources. Documentation of a brain injury may include recent adequate medical history, neurological examinations, neuropsychological evaluation and/or neuroimaging records.

The State Council for Persons with Disabilities (SCPD) currently has funding for the Brain Injury Fund and encourages people who may benefit to apply.

Please contact SCPD by phone at 302-739-3621 or by email at  or Director John McNeal at (302) 739-3620 or for additional information. 

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Policy & Law Committee

The Policy & Law Committee analyzes and promotes state, federal and local legislation, regulations, programs and policies to effectively meet the needs of persons with disabilities in Delaware. This Committee shall have the authority to take action consistent with its charge without approval of the full Council.

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Housing Committee

The Housing Committee analyzes and promotes federal, state and local laws, regulations, programs and policies to ensure that people with disabilities have appropriate access to housing options in Delaware. The Healthcare Committee does not have a mission at this point since it has changed direction in its efforts. ·

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Healthcare Committee

SCPD is a member of, and provides staff support to, the Governor's Commission on Building Access to Community-Based Services' Healthcare Committee. This is a joint effort and the Committee is now collaborating with the Center for Disabilities Studies (CDS) to promote initiatives which improve the health of, and prevent secondary health conditions in, Delawareans with disabilities.

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