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Brain Injury Committee

The Brain Injury Committee's mission is to improve the lives of Delawareans with brain injury and their families by providing the following:

  1. Promote coordination among all state programs, services and plans established for or related to persons with brain injuries.
  2. Review, on a continuing basis, all state policies, plans, programs and activities concerning persons with brain injuries which are conducted or assisted, in whole or part, by state departments, agencies or funds in order to determine whether such policies, programs, plans and activities effectively meet the needs of persons with brain injuries.
  3. Make recommendations to the Governor, the General Assembly and all state departments and agencies respecting ways to improve the administration of services for persons with brain injuries and for facilitating the implementation of new or expanded programs.
  4. Provide the Governor, the General Assembly, all interested agencies and the general public with review and comment on all state legislative proposals affecting people with brain injuries.
  5. Provide policymakers and the general public with analyses and recommendations on federal and local governmental legislation, regulations and policies affecting state programs and persons with brain injuries.
  6. Propose and promote legislation, regulations and policies to improve the well-being of persons with brain injuries.
  7. Serve as a central state clearinghouse for information and data regarding:
    1. The current numbers of persons with brain injuries and their needs;
    2. The location, provision and availability of services and programs for persons with brain injuries;
    3. Any other relevant information and data about persons with brain injuries which the Committee deems appropriate.
  8. Prepare and submit to the Governor and the General Assembly an annual report of the activities of the Committee and the status of services and programs for persons with brain injuries.
Brain Injury Committee members standing in front of the Post-Acute Medical Rehabilitation Center in Dover

The Brain Injury Committee held one of their meetings at the Post-Acute Medical Rehabilitation Center in Dover where they received a comprehensive tour of the facility prior to conducting their meeting.


Employment First Oversight Commission (EFOC)

The Commission’s mission is to ensure that state agencies promote and implement the Employment First Act so that people with disabilities, as a first option, have the opportunity for meaningful and competitive employment in fully integrated work settings. We carry out this mission by working with state agencies to:

  • Review the programs, policies, procedures, and funding of agencies that are related to implementation of the Employment First Act.
  • Track and report on the progress of those agencies in reaching measurable goals and objectives related to the Act.
  • Identify barriers to achieving those goals and objectives and finding strategies to overcome those barriers.
Legislation Information:

Creation Legislation: HB 319 (pdf)
Expanded by House Bill No. 241 (pdf)
Delaware Code authorizing the Employment First Oversight Commission. Title 19, Chapter 7, Subchapter V. Employment First Act
New Delaware Employer Tax Credit. To review the tax law visit:

Healthcare Committee

SCPD is a member of, and provides staff support to, the Governor's Commission on Building Access to Community-Based Services' Healthcare Committee. This is a joint effort and the Committee is now collaborating with the Center for Disabilities Studies (CDS) to promote initiatives which improve the health of, and prevent secondary health conditions in, Delawareans with disabilities. The Healthcare Committee does not have a mission at this point since it has changed direction in its efforts.

Housing Committee

The Housing Committee analyzes and promotes federal, state and local laws, regulations, programs and policies to ensure that people with disabilities have appropriate access to housing options in Delaware.


Policy & Law Committee

The Policy & Law Committee analyzes and promotes state, federal and local legislation, regulations, programs and policies to effectively meet the needs of persons with disabilities in Delaware. This Committee shall have the authority to take action consistent with its charge without approval of the full Council.

Legislative, Regulatory And Policy Analysis