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State Council for Persons with Disabilities


Commissions & Committees

The Commissions and Committees under the State Council for Persons with Disabilities are comprised of persons with disabilities first and foremost working with representatives from state, local, non-profit, and for-profit agencies to ensure that Delaware policymakers remember that people with disabilities are people first. The people with disabilities served by our committees and commissions are entitled to the same civil rights as all Delawareans relating to receiving services, accessing programs, living in and being an integral part of Delaware’s communities.

What You'll Find Here

Brain Injury Committee
The Brain Injury Committee works to improve the lives of Delawareans with brain injury and their families by promoting coordination on all state programs, services, and plans, reviewing state policies, plans, programs, and activities to ensure that they meet the needs of Delawareans with brain injuries. This committee provides the Governor, General Assembly, policymakers, and members of the public with analyses, recommendations, and proposals on federal, state, and local legislation, regulations, and policies to improve the well-being of Delawareans with brain injuries.

Electronic Accessibility Standards Committee
This Committee works with representatives from state agencies and disability organizations to develop policies and procedures for state departments and agencies that create best practices for allowing every Delawarean to access and participate in employment, meetings, conferences, and activities.

Employment First Oversight Commission (EFOC)
This Commission is responsible for ensuring that state agencies promote and implement the Employment First Act so that the first option for people with disabilities is an opportunity for meaningful and competitive employment in fully integrated work settings.

Healthcare Committee
The Committee collaborates with the Center for Disabilities Studies (CDS) to promote initiatives which improve the health of, and prevent secondary health conditions in, Delawareans with disabilities.

Housing Committee
The SCPD Housing Committee exists to develop and implement a plan to advocate for changes to rules and regulations that are preventing persons with disabilities from living as safely, independently, supported, and as financially secure as possible.

Policy and Law Committee
The Policy & Law Committee analyzes and promotes state, federal and local legislation, regulations, programs and policies to effectively meet the needs of persons with disabilities in Delaware.

SCPD Executive Committee
The SCPD Executive Committee is comprised of duly elected members of the SCPD Full Council. The State Council for Persons with the Disabilities Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson manage the affairs of SCPD between its meetings, direct the administrative, membership and budget duties for the full Council, provide information and recommendations, as needed, to the full Council, set the SCPD agenda and invite partnering state agencies, non-profits, for-profits, and other organizations who provide services to people with disabilities to collaborate on initiatives with the full SCPD Council.

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Fund Application Review Committee
This is an internal committee that meets to review Delaware resident’s funding requests, sensitive supporting documentation, and medical information, for funding assistance from Delaware’s TBI Fund for medically necessary equipment, services, and therapies not covered by their healthcare insurance.

Delaware Voters with Disabilities Coalition
SCPD is a member of, and provides staff support to, the Delaware Voters with Disabilities Coalition. This is a joint effort with the Community Legal Aid Society, Inc., non-profit, for-profit, and state disability organizations to educate and inform people with disabilities about their rights when voting and what to do if they encounter discrimination.