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State Council for Persons with Disabilities


Electronic Accessibility Standards Committee

The mission of the Electronic Accessibilities Standards Committee (EASC) is to develop policies and procedures in collaboration with the Delaware Department of Technology and Information and the Government Information Center for state departments and agencies as best practices for the public to allow every Delawarean to access and participate in employment, meetings, conferences, and activities in Delaware.

The purpose of developing policies and guidelines is to reasonably guarantee that people with disabilities can participate and access all meetings, websites, documents, and other electronic activities of the State of Delaware, insure that all documents are in an accessible format, make all electronic forms readable and fillable using the tab key, insure that all kiosks in state facilities are accessible, and tag all pictures and graphics with alternative text tags. The EASC wants to ensure that all postings on State government social groups and media are tagged and accessible to everyone. When developing any state app, the EASC wants to ensure that it is accessible for those using screen reading software and that all buttons have text tags, and all data entry fields are clearly labeled.

Electronic Accessibility Standards Committee Public Calendar

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