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Brain Injury Toolkit

Delaware’s Brain Injury Committee, Public Outreach and Data Development Committee members created a brain injury toolkit to provide Delawareans with brain injury access to information to provide brain injury survivors, their families, and caregivers important information.

The information contained in this Toolkit will help survivors and their families better understand common and uncommon symptoms, types of rehabilitation, testing, therapy, treatments, and the different types of medical professionals who will treat survivors.

This Brain Injury Toolkit also provides information on the different types of Self-Care, Basic Self-Care, Alternative Medicine, Crisis Hotlines and Intervention, Brain Injury Resources, Support Groups, Delaware specific resources and helpful links.

The State Council for Persons with Disabilities also moved information on Delaware’s Concussion Protection in Youth Athletic Activity Act (CPYAAA) within the Brain Injury Toolkit along with links to stories from some Delaware Survivors, Delaware Financial and Legal Resources and financial suggestions.

We hope that you find this information useful and share it with other brain injury survivors throughout Delaware.

New to Traumatic Brain Injury? Looking for answers to common TBI questions? Start Here!

What You'll Find Here

New to Brain Injury
In this section you will find information on Brain Injury Frequently Asked Questions, Symptoms, Treatments, Recovery & Rehabilitation, Brain Injury Self-Care, and Brain Injury Support.

This section answers questions you may have including: What is a concussion? What to Look For? Is it a concussion? What to do? What to Watch for? Possible Symptoms 24 -48 hours and 1-week after a concussion. Possible long-term symptoms. Return to Play for Youth Athletes. What happens to the brain with a Concussion, and information on the Concussion Protection in Youth Athletic Activities Act (CPYAAA).

Traumatic Brain Injury Financial Assistance
This section provides information on state programs and financial assistance to help Delawareans with a brain injury.

Brain Injury Additional Resources
This section provides Delaware specific resources for brain injury survivors, their families, caregivers, and friends to find help with the services they need the most.

Survivor Stories
Read stories from Delaware’s Brain Injury Survivors to learn from their life experiences.

Additional Information