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State Council for Persons with Disabilities


TBI Fund Commitee,

First of all I want to thank you for allowing me this amazing opportunity to befunded. When I received the APECT Scan it was almost a year and a half after my truck accident on June 10, 2021.

Having the SPECT Scan allowed Dr. Schaller to know exactly what area of the brain that needs the most help. It helped him to map out a course of treatment. Because of the SPECT Scan I am having a great recovery with a lot of hard work and listening to my Doctors. Dr. Somner at Amen gave me a course of action due to the SPECT Scan. I, to this day take my mushrooms supplement and Omega-3 Power and also Brain + Memory Power Boost every single day from the Brain MD website. I went to HBOT for 20 treatments that Dr. Somner suggested. I still have more HBOT to go next year. Dr. Somner wanted me to have 30 or more. So far, I have had 20.

The HBOT has really helped me as you can see by my results. I will live with the Traumatic Brain Injury every single day. I know now what my limitations are because of having the SPECT Scan. Having the SPECT Scan was a game changer. It open up a whole new world of great opportunities on getting the help I need.

Since the SPECT Scan with the help from Dr. Schaller seeing what area of the Brain has the damage. My confusion, dizziness, memory problem and my headaches has goten much beter. I still have more work ahead of me to continue my work on recovery but I am on a great path.

Thanks again for the SPECT Scan, it totally changed my life on being able to function at work and be self-sufficient and go back to almost my old self before the Truck accident.

Sarah E. E