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New to Brain Injury

Follow the links below to access information including Frequently Asked Questions, Common and Uncommon Symptoms, Types of Treatments, Recovery and Rehabilitation, Types of Self-Care, and available Brain Injury Support Groups in Delaware.

What You'll Find Here

Brain Injury FAQ's
The Delaware Brain Injury Committee compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help answer some of the questions.

Brain Injury Symptoms
Learn about the various Brain Injury Symptoms, both common and uncommon, that range from Physical, Vision & Balance, Sleep, Cognitive and Emotional symptoms.

Brain Injury Treatments
Various treatments can help a person with a brain injury recover, reduce, or eliminate their physical, emotional, and cognitive problems. Here you will find topics ranging from Therapy & Testing, to various Types of Tretment.

Brain Injury Rehabilitation
Are you looking for a list of the Rehabilitation Facilities in located in Delaware’s surrounding Tri-State Region who are able to treat individuals with brain injuries?

Brain Injury Recovery
Recovery after brain injury is a process that occurs in stages. Some people move quickly through the stages, while others make slow, but steady gains. Start here for more information on stages of recovery.

Brain Injury Self-Care
There is no right way to practice self-care. Everyone has different needs, and those needs can change over time. Here you an learn about alternative medicine, basic self-care and the various types of self-care.

Brain Injury Support
Individuals and their families find that dealing with the effects of a brain injury are challenging. However, sharing experiences with people who have similar experiences can help. Brain Injury support groups provide an opportunity to share available resources.