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A concussion is a common head injury, also known as a mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI). It is an injury that results from a direct or indirect blow to the head, face or jaw and body causing an alteration of brain function which can become evident through a variety of related symptoms.

The damage to the brain during a concussion is caused by a sudden shifting of the brain inside the skull. This shifting can cause the brain to knock against the hard bone of the skull, causing bruising to your brain and damaging brain cells.

A blow to the head can also cause a rotational injury to the brain which can cause shearing of the brain nervous fibers which can alter brain function.

What You'll Find Here

Coaches & Officials
This section provides specific information and requirements for non-scholastic athletic activity coaches and officials covered under the CPYAAA, Title 16, Part II, Chapter 30L, ยง3006L of the Delaware Code.

Concussion Information
This section contains information on a concussion, what to do, what to watch for, possible symptoms within 24-48 hours, one week, long-term symptoms, return to play, and what happens to the brain in a Concussion.

Concussion Protection in Youth Athletic Activities Act - Overview
The CPYAAA overview provides the most important parts of the Concussion Protection in Youth Athletic Activities Act to remember.

Information for School Professionals
The section contains pediatric (under aged 18) mTBI Pediatric Guidelines, info sheets, fact sheets, and links to Online training for school professionals.

Parents & Players Information Form
This section provides information and a link to the Parent/Player Concussion Information Form that is mandated by the State. It also provides links to additional websites for anyone having additional questions relating to concussions or concussion management.

The section contains info sheets and links to Pediatric and Adult national mTBI Guidelines, Provider Tools, Healthcare Letters to Schools, Acute mTBI/Concussion Evaluation (ACE) Forms, Training, Discharge Instructions, and Symptom-based Recovery Tips.

Related Links
This page contains links to websites providing additional information relating to Concussion Protection, prevention, potential effects, and caregiver resources.