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State Council for Persons with Disabilities


Employment First Goals & Objectives

Performance Metrics

The law requires the Commission to do the following:

§ 747. Powers and duties of Commission.
(a) The Commission shall review measurable goals and objectives as submitted to it by each relevant state agency to ensure implementation of this Act. The Commission shall track the measurable progress of state agencies in implementing this Act. All state agencies shall fully cooperate with and provide data and information to assist the Commission in carrying out its duties.


The Employment First Oversight Commission surveys state agencies each fiscal year to measure the amount of their state funding and grant funding that is dedicated to competitive employment services for individuals with disabilities. The Commission uses this data to help agencies measure their compliance with the Employment First public policy.

Funding Sources for State Agencies

General Fund (GF) - The primary fund of the State, all tax and other fines, fees and permit proceeds are deposited here unless specific legislative authority has been granted to allow the revenue to be deposited in another fund. Appropriated Special Funds (ASF) - A type of funding appropriated in the Budget Act. Revenue generated by fees for specific, self-sufficient programs. Non-Appropriated Special Funds (NSF) - Funds that are not appropriated by the Legislature. Federal funds, school local funds, reimbursements and donations fall into the NSF category