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State Council for Persons with Disabilities


Employment Success Stories

One of the most effective ways to show that Employment First works is to tell success stories.

"When Everyone Works, Everyone Wins"

Five Delawareans with disabilities are profiled on their paths to employment.

Nothing promotes success like real-life stories of success. We are delighted to share stories of Delaware Residents who - despite their challenges - are competing successfully in the job market.

Have your own story? Share it with us!

Photo of Jack

My name is Jack and I work for Movies 10. I’ve been there since August, 2017. I like this job because the commute is easier for me than my previous job. It’s closer to home. I love my job and I am proud of my job. I have co-workers who are nice and I am good at my job. It was hard to leave my friends at my other job but I had help from my Employment Specialist, Andrew. My Employment Navigator was the best. I love getting free popcorn! I am saving my money. I volunteer at the Fire House when I am not working. I help keep the Fire Engines clean.

Photo of Kendall

My name is Kendall and I work at Camp Bow Wow. I earn a check to buy things which teaches me how to be independent with my finances. I enjoy working with animals and contributing to my community. My job was easy because my teachers at Project SEARCH found the job for me before I graduated. Project SEARCH helped me. I told the teachers that I wanted to work with animals and they found me the job at Camp Bow Wow in April, months before I graduated. I love working with the animals, all the different kinds of dogs. I like working with co- workers.

Photo of Justin

My name is Justin and I work at Christiana Care in the Pharmacy. It was easy to find my job. I was in Project Search and I got a job offer to work there. I had help from Ms. Angie, my old teacher, and I had my fingers crossed! I like sorting meds. I sort the Wilmington bucket. My job coach is Jada and she helps me by checking in on me. She knows I’m independent so she comes less. Having a job makes me happy. I’m so happy to do it!

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