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State Council for Persons with Disabilities


CPYAAA Overview

On June 30, 2016 the 148th Delaware General Assembly passed House Bill No. 404 as Amended by House Amendments 1 and 2 known as the “Concussion Protection in Youth Athletic Activities Act (CPYAAA)”. Governor Markell signed this legislation on 09/06/16 with an effective date of 09/06/17. See Title 16, Chapter 30, Section 3001L of the Delaware Code for full text.

A hard copy of Title 16, Part II, Chapter 30L Legislation has been provided for your convenience.

This Act requires that:

Before an athlete may participate in an athletic activity, the organizing entity shall provide a concussion information sheet published by the Council to the athlete and the parent or guardian of the athlete. The athlete and the parent or guardian of the athlete shall sign a statement acknowledging receipt of the information sheet and return it to the organizing entity before the athlete shall be allowed to participate in the athletic activity. For recurrent or on-going athletic activity, the provision of the information sheet and return of the signed acknowledgment shall be completed annually.

  1. If an athlete exhibits signs or symptoms consistent with a concussion, the athlete must leave the game, practice or activity immediately. This is Delaware law and is in place to protect your child. They should not re-enter play until seen and evaluated by a physician. (Do not try to judge the severity of the injury yourself)
    • When in doubt, the athlete sits out. Remember, it is better to miss one game than to miss the whole season.
    • If an athlete continues to play when he or she might have a concussion, there could be serious medical consequences, even death (Second Impact Syndrome).
    • Athletes should not be left alone, including but not limited to walking back to and/or waiting in the locker room.
    • If a concussion has occurred or is suspected the CDC advises that you ask your (child’s/teen’s) health care provider when they can safely return to other activities, e.g. school, drive a car and/or ride a bike.
  2. "Written Clearance from a qualified physician” for return to play after a potential concussion shall be from a MD/DO only.
  3. Each athlete and the athlete’s parent or guardian shall annually sign and return a concussion information sheet prior to initiating practice or competition.
  4. Each certified coach and on-site official shall complete concussion training once every two years. The National Federation of High Schools (NFHS) online concussion course “Concussion in Sports” is the approved training course.